Prophecies, Predictions, and Preposterousness

Lottery scratch ticketHow can a religion prove its own validity?

One of the arguments often put forth is that a religion is true because its main book says that it’s true, but that’s a terribly circular argument. A better argument is that certain prophecies made in its main book have come true over the years. This is, I believe, a more accurate gauge, but Continue reading


“Why, That’s Terrible!”: How To Sell Me On Your Activism

SuffragistsI deal with a number of people who are either up-and-comers or fairly well established in one form of activism or another.  I count a number of them as my friends.  Some of them are better at promoting their causes than others.  Here’s what I’d like to tell the ones who want to get better at it.

These are things that you should spend much time preparing:

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Hello world!

Most of the stuff I write goes directly to Facebook.  But every once in a while, I’m going to want a different audience, or I want to post a really long rant, so it’ll go here.